Electronic Bulletin Board Policy

The West Milford Township Library welcomes the posting of community activities and events of an educational, cultural, charitable or informational nature.

Please adhere to the following policy and procedures regarding the information screens located in the first floor foyer and the second floor gallery.

    • All materials for posting must be submitted for approval at least 10 days in advance of the desired posting date.
    • If there is a charge for the program, the purpose of the proceeds must be clearly stated.
    • Postings must be pre-approved by the Director or his/her designee.
    • All materials submitted must have an organization name, contact person’s name, phone number or email address.
    • Priority will be given to library programs, Friends of the Library, civic and governmental organizations and public school notices.
    • The following will not be posted: commercial products, entities, presentations, partisan political notices or campaign literature, religious tracts, business solicitations, personal ads, babysitting notices and garage sales.
    • All content must be deemed suitable for viewing by all age groups as determined by the Director or his/her designee.
    • Acceptance of materials for display does not imply endorsement of the sponsor or content of same by the West Milford Township Library or the Board of Trustees.
    • All postings must be submitted electronically via the library website.

I have read the policy, agree to its terms and would like to submit a posting.

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