R.U.F.F. (Reading Uniquely for Fundamentals) – Read to a Dog

R.U.F.F. (Reading Uniquely for Fundamentals) is back!

Children aged 5 or older, who are reading independently, are welcome to participate in a unique literacy program designed to help your child gain reading confidence!

Each participant must choose a book at the library, or bring one from home. It is helpful if they have read the book previously, but is not necessary.

Your child will be registered for a 20 minute reading time, with a few minutes to get settled and then approximately 15 minutes of reading.

Our next session is Wednesday, March 1! Registration slots are 6:00, 6:20 and 6:40. Registration is required by calling the Children’s Services desk @ 973-728-2823 or emailing Miss Theresa – mcarthur@wmtl.org





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