Teen Creative Writing Club

Teens…Do you like to write? Maybe you have a story in your head…but you don’t know how to put it into words? Maybe you’re worried it won’t come out right, so you’re afraid to start? Or, maybe you’re ready to try creative writing, but you just need some encouragement?

Then welcome to the West Milford Township Library Teen Creative Writing Club!

It doesn’t cost anything to join……and you don’t have to show up at online or in-person meetings. There are no grades involved, and you’re in charge of how much “homework” you want to do…or not :).

Every month, you’ll receive a link to the newest West Milford Township Library Teen Creative Writing Club Newsletter full of writing resources, inspiration, and tips to help get you started or get rolling on a project you’re already working on. Included in each issue will be a special “writing prompt” to get your creative wheels spinning.

Joining the West Milford Township Teen Creative Writing Club is easy! Just visit the library event calendar whenever you’re ready, and click on the Teen Creative Writing Club registration link, which is posted every Sunday.

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