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Sowing Stories, Sowing Seeds

on Mon, 07/27/2015 - 5:33pm

The Seed Exchange Bank, a community partnership between the 4-H Velveteens of Passaic County and WMTL, has been a wonderful success thanks to the enthusiasm of our local gardeners. As our shared venture continues to grow and bloom, we welcome your comments and suggestions. Please share your gardening stories on the note cards available at the Circulation Desk or visit the Seeds of Faith Facebook page at 

Autumn's harvest moon is on the horizon and these sunny, summer days are the ideal time to sow your fall seeds. Visit WMTL today to "borrow" up to 10 seed packets perfect for planting now. Not sure what to do with harvested seeds? Help the Seed Exchange Bank flourish and "return" your harvested seeds to WMTL. The 4-H Velveteens will safely store the seeds, so our backyard gardeners can look forward to another season of sowing!