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Thomas Edison's Library

on Tue, 04/16/2013 - 3:30pm

"Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." --Thomas Alva Edison

I recently spent the day at Thomas Edison's National Historical Park in West Orange, NJ.  Not only did I get to see Edison's lab, which contains all kinds of materials and chemicals that have been there since Edison's death in 1931, but I had the opportunity to visit his research library.  This amazing place is three levels filled with unique treasures.  Check out these pictures:

This photo shows the three levels of the library, but unfortunately visitors are only allowed on the first floor. I would love the chance to explore all of it!

A view of the staircase within the library.

This is Edison's desk, which was sealed and remained untouched after his death in 1931.  The desk was reopened 15 years later on the day that would have been Edison's 100th birthday. 

Mrs. Edison had this small bed set up in her husband's research library to make sure that he rested when he needed to.  He would nap there regularly.

There is so much to discover and learn about Thomas Edison. Visit the Thomas Edison National Historical Park in order to learn more about Edison's inventions, experiments, and the man himself.  The trip is a short ride from West Milford, and children 16 and under are free!  The link for the park is listed below.  Check it out!

Thomas Edison National Historical Park
211 Main Street
West Orange, NJ 07052