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Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem

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These titles are sure to keep you guessing who-done-it from start to finish.

Final Theory
Alpert, Mark.
Dying theoretical physicist Hans Kleinman reveals crucial details of Einstein’s unpublished theory to his student David Swift. Swift soon finds that terrorists and the U.S. government will stop at nothing to acquire the details of this potentially dangerous scientific theory.

When Will There Be Good News?
Atkinson, Kate.
Six year-old Joanna Mason witnesses the brutal killing of her family by a madman. Upon his release from prison thirty years later, Joanna and her child mysteriously disappear. Only Reggie, the family nanny, is certain Joanna is in danger and persuades Detective Louise Monroe and PI Brodie to investigate.

Black, Lisa.
As a hostage at a bungled burglary at the bank, policeman Paul Cleary suffers a gunshot to the leg. In a deal with the burglars, forensic scientist Theresa switches places with her injured fiancé Paul. Theresa soon discovers that this incident is far more sinister than just an attempted robbery.

Bolton, S.J.
An amazing blend of gothic suspense and medical thriller awaits readers. When obstetrician Tora Hamilton finds a woman’s body in a bog, she starts to investigate the death, but with legends of human sacrifice in the area she is warned away by the locals.

Casey, Katherine.
Susan Armstrong, Texas Ranger and profiler, is called upon by the police department to solve the murder of a wealthy businessman. The police suspect his mistress, but Susan believes otherwise when she examines the shocking crime scene.

Gone Tomorrow
Child, Lee.
Jack Reacher witnesses what he believes to be a suicide bombing on the subway. When interviewed by the FBI and NYPD, he learns the female bomber was a Pentagon staffer suspected of having information critical to national security. Reacher finds himself on the run from the government and Al Qaeda assasins because of the secrets they believe he now possesses.

Cold in Hand
Harvey, John.
While trying to stop a gang dispute, detective Lynn Kellogg is shot and a young female gang member dies. Lynn’s partner and live-in lover, DI Charlie Resnick is brought in to help with the case, but when the father of the girl blames Lynn for his daughter’s death, racial and cultural tensions heat up.

Black Water Rising
Locke, Attica.
When Houston lawyer Jay Porter rescues a woman from drowning, chaos results after he realizes that the woman is somehow involved in a high profile murder. As he pursues the truth, Porter starts receiving threats from Houston’s elite who seek to silence him.

Rule Against Murder
Penny, Louise.
When Inspector Gamache and his wife go away for a holiday at Manoir Bellechasse, they find the Finney family reunion in full swing. When a violent summer storm passes and leaves one of the Finneys dead, Gamache must expose the family’s secrets to find the killer.

Exit Music
Rankin, Ian.
Just ten days before compulsory retirement, Inspector Rebus is handed a murder case which brings him in contact with his old nemesis, crime boss Big Ger Cafferty. Is Cafferty involved in the murder or is he too facing a form of mandatory retirement?

Old City Hall
Rotenberg, Robert.
When radio talk show host Kevin Brace confesses to the murder of his wife, homicide detective Ari Greene and officer Daniel Kennecott find evidence at the murder scene that just doesn’t jibe with Brace’s testimony. This legal thriller will keep you guessing about who-done-it until the end.

Secret Speech
Smith, Tom Rob.
Leo Demidov’s family is targeted because of his past work as an MGB officer who under Stalin had put innocents in jail. Leo must now come to terms with his past while rescuing his daughter Zoya from those who have kidnapped her.

Echoes from the Dead
Theorin, Johan.
Six year-old Jens vanished twenty years ago on the isle of Öland. Until his grandfather Gerlof received a suspicious package containing his clothes, it was assumed that Jens had drowned. Julia, mother of Jens and daughter of Gerlof, returns to the island to help, but unwittingly places the family in danger...again.

Liars Anonymous
Ure, Louise.
Years after Jessica Dancing has been acquitted for murder, she finds herself once again under suspicion by the police. They don’t believe her when she claims to only be a witness to a car bombing that killed a girl. Snared into this conundrum, Jessica must find evidence of the truth or pay the ultimate price.