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Job Hunting

Web Sites

Learn A Test
Part of Job and Career Accelerator, Learn A Test contains a wide range of educational and career-oriented exams. Topics include GED, ACT, SAT, health care, civil service, and much more. Also included are interactive tutorials to help users improve basic skills in reading, writing, and math.

State of New Jersey - Employment Resources
Job search resources, information on job fairs and career centers.

The Federal government's official one-stop source for Federal jobs and employment information.
Search for jobs and post your resume.
Search for jobs, post your resume and explore other career tools. Created in 1999, is one of the largest job search engines.

Simply Hired
Searches several job sites at once.
Articles, links and guidance on organizing your search.
This site is designed as a supplement to the 2009 edition of What Color Is Your Parachute?

Guidance on creating a job search strategy and organizing your job search to be more effective. Sponsored by the US Department of Labor.
Simple search page with access to millions of job listings.

Career Guidance and Search Strategy

Career Information Center
9th ed., 2007
This 13-volume set presents the tasks involved, skills required and potential employment possibilities for jobs in the U.S. today. Direct access through the Gale Virtual Reference Library; when prompted, enter your library card number.

Ferguson's Career Guidance Center
Provides detailed profiles of more than 3,300 jobs and 94 industries, invaluable advice on career skills and more than 48,000 resource entries. Access through Facts on File; when prompted, enter your library card number.

331.128 BOL
What Color Is Your Parachute?
Richard Nelson Bolles, 2014
A favorite of job hunters and career changers for more than 30 years; it continues to be a mainstay on bestseller lists.

650.1 SAL
Social networking for career success: using online tools to create a personal brand
Miriam Salpeter, 2011
Use social media to its full potential for your search.

650.14 BOL
The job-hunter's survival guide : how to find hope and rewarding work even when "there are no jobs"
Richard Nelson Bolles, 2010
One hundred pages of lifesaving advice for people out of work.

650.14 DEB
Get hired in a tough market : insider secrets to find and land the job you need now
Alan De Back, 2010
Learn how to put together an effective, concise, and customizable presentation that gives potential employers all the reasons they need to hire you.

650.14 DOY
Internet Your Way to a New Job : How to Really Find a Job Online
Alison Doyle, 2011
Practical advice on using the we for your search.

650.14 HEW
Forget a Mentor, Find a Sponsor
Sylvia Ann Hewlett, 2013
Find out how to identify people who can help further your career, and how you can help further theirs.

650.14 LEI
I got my dream job and so can you: 7 steps to creating your ideal career after college
Pete Leibman, 2012
A motivational speaker lays out a seven point plan for landing your dream job.

650.14 MAC
The 6 reasons you'll get the job : what employers look for-whether they know it or not
Debra Angel MacDougall, 2010
Shows you exactly how to tailor your pitch and stand out from the crowd so that you get hired.

650.14 YAT
Knock 'em Dead : the Ultimate Job Search Guide 2014
Martin John Yate, 2013
A comprehensive handbook on all aspects of job hunting. Includes information on resumes, interviews, and salary negotiations.

658 NEW
The New Jersey Business Source Book
12th ed., 2008
A complete guide to New Jersey's business scene with complete listings that include multiple contacts, web and e-mail addresses, and phone/fax numbers.

658.8 RUT
Sams teach yourself LinkedIn in 10 minutes
Patrice-Anne Rutledge, 2012
LinkedIn is a business networking website that will let you manage your contacts with former or current coworkers, as well as other business acquaintances.

Resumes and Cover Letters

650 KUR
Same-day resume: write an effective resume in an hour
Louise Kursmark, 2012

650.14 CRI
How to Write Better Resumes and Cover Letters
Pat Criscito, 2nd ed., 2009

650.14 KAR
How to Say It on Your Resume
Brad Karsh,  2009

650.14 NOB
Gallery of best cover letters: a collection of quality cover letters by professional résumés writers
David F. Noble, 2012

650.14 RES
Resumes for the 50+ Job Hunter
3rd ed., 2009

650.14 ROS
The Resume Handbook: How to Write Outstanding Resumes & Cover Letters for Every Situation
Arthur D. Rosenberg, 5th ed., 2008

650.14 YAT
Knock 'em dead cover letters : the strategies and samples you need to get the job you want
Martin John Yate, 9th ed., 2010

650.14 YAT
Knock 'em dead resumes : standout advice from America's leading job search authority
Martin John Yate, 9th ed., 2010


Interview Performance [videorecording]
This program offers helpful hints on coping with nerves, asking appropriate questions and ensuring the interview ends on a positive note.

The Virtual Job Interview [videorecording]
Includes preparation, interview performance and questions that the interviewer is legally prohibited from asking. Includes an interactive job interview.

Your First Job Interview [videorecording]
Geared towards students, this DVD explores the interview process. Includes tips on pre-interview preparation, proper attire, interviewer and interviewee behaviors and post-interview followup.

650.14 GRA
Interview Success : Get the Edge
Julie Gray, 2013
This book teaches interview skills, rather than stock answers to recruiter questions.

650.14 YAT
Knock 'em Dead Job Interview
Martin Yate, 2013
Organized by typical interview questions, Yate shows users how to display essential transferable skills, behaviors, and values that "every" employer wants.