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Green Reads

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A Guide to Environmental Literature at the West Milford Township Library

Living with Nature

158.1 FIS
Be the Change You Want to See in the World
Fisher-McGarry, Julie
Fisher-McGarry focuses on the “little picture,” providing a list of accomplishable efforts, one for every day of the year which can be made to help keep the environment healthy.

306.3 MCK
Deep Economy
McKibben, Bill
McKibben derides development focused upon expansive growth, arguing that it is not sustainable for the environment. Instead, he advocates a model based on the farmers’ market, with its awareness of ecological capacities and its “economics of neighborliness.”

333.72 GIN
A Contract with the Earth
Gingrich, Newt
Former Republican Speaker of the House Gingrich and coauthor Maple argue that conservation is not a partisan issue and call for Americans to embrace “mainstream environmentalism.”

333.72 GIN
Cabin Fever, a Suburban Father's Search for the Wild
Montgomery-Fate, Tom
A modern Walden—if Thoreau had had three kids and a minivan—Cabin Fever is a serious yet irreverent take on living in a cabin in the woods while also living within our high-tech,materialist culture.

333.92 WIL
Cape Wind
Williams, Wendy
When plans for a clean energy wind farm off the coast of the Nantucket Sound were introduced, many influential homeowners used their political and financial might to stop the project. The authors show how personal interest, financial pressure and political influence can affect America’s willingness for environmental change.

363.73 PRE
From the Bottom Up
Pregracke, Chad
This is the inspiring and true story of Pregracke, chronicling as his effort to clean the Mississippi River grows from individually plucking out debris to the establishment of his successful corporately funded non-profit organization.

728 SAL
Little House on a Small Planet
Salomon, Shay
Salomon profiles a number of environmentally friendly homes that are physically small, yet provide the owners with everything they need to live happily. Photos, blueprints and owner interviews are included.

745.2 THO
The Designer's Atlas of Sustainability
Thorpe, Ann
Thorpe argues for an integrated approach to design and lifestyle which encompasses ecology, economics and culture. Resembling a text book, this title offers a fresh approach to anyone interested in the health of our planet.

Human Impact on Nature

304.2 WEI
The World Without Us
Weisman, Alan
“What would happen if humans no longer populated the earth?” Weisman tackles this question by outlining nature’s hypothetical reclamation of civilizations’ artifacts. You will be surprised what would perish first and what would remain intact the longest.

333.91 PEA
When the Rivers Run Dry
Pearce, Fred
Many scientists are concerned about the future availability of usable water and Pearce highlights instances where this dilemma is already playing out. He then shows how, through efficient and considerate usage, we can ensure the availability of water for generations to come.

333.95 CLO
The End of the Line
Clover, Charles
Clover claims that hi-tech fishing is corrupting underwater ecosystems and ruining small market economies, but adds that these effects can be undone through personal choice and civic involvement.

363.738 FLA
The Weather Makers
Flannery, Tim
Flannery, a scientist and former global warming skeptic, shows how today’s changing weather patterns are rooted in human activity. Flannery is optimistic, suggesting a future of human activity that will benefit all of nature.

Environmental Classics

Pilgrim at Tinker Creek
Dillard, Annie
Dillard wrote this Pulitzer Prize winning collection of natural observations after moving to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. Her beliefs resemble Thoreau’s, but it’s the writing itself which has made this title an enduring classic.

333.72 ALD
A Sand County Almanac & Other Writings on Ecology and Conservation
Leopold, Aldo
Leopold’s essential contributions to our literature—some hard-to-find or previously unpublished—are gathered in a single volume for the first time. This title is hailed—with Thoreau’s Walden and Carson’s Silent Spring—as one of the main literary influences on the modern environmental movement.

363.738 CAR
Silent Spring
Carson, Rachel
First released in 1962, Silent Spring was the first widely read book to explore the harm caused by store-bought products. Silent Spring’s influence is still felt today in the growing organic foods movement.

818 THO
Walden, or, A life in the woods
Thoreau, Henry David
Over 150 years and increasingly relevant, this classic title galvanized the American naturalist movement and continues to influence new generations of environmentally conscious readers.

New Jersey Nature Walks

917.49 WEI
West Milford Baker's Dozen
Weise, Don
“With nearly 100 miles of marked hiking trails, abundant glacial lakes, cliffs and wildlife, West Milford provides visitors with some of the most interesting, unspoiled and diverse hiking areas in all of New Jersey.” -from Foreword

For more outdoor experiences in New Jersey and New York, we also suggest:

917.47 LEN
Iron Mine Trails
Lenik, Edward J.

917.49 BUR
25 Nature Spectacles in New Jersey
Burger, Joanna and Michael Gochfeld

917.49 SCH
Nature Walks in New Jersey
Scherer, Glenn

917.49 ZAT
30 Bicycle Tours in New Jersey
Zatz, Arline

917.4904 ROB
Wonderwalks: the trails of New Jersey Audubon
Robinson, Patricia