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Helpful Information for Teens and Parents

Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act.” New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed an anti-bullying bill in January 2011 concerning harassment, intimidation and bullying in school settings.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) presents STRYVE—a national initiative, which takes a public health approach to preventing youth violence before it starts. Access to text and video tools and training for all.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children provides an informative collection of short videos on various forms of bullying and other life issues.

Visit the American Academy of Pediatrics Healthy Children site and search on “bullying” for a wealth of articles from Healthy Children magazine and recorded talks by respected pediatricians.

Teen Fiction

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
Alexie, Sherman
A 14-year-old Native American becomes an outcast when he transfers from the reservation to a rich white school.
Recommended for grades 7 & up

The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin
Berk, Josh
Will, who is overweight and deaf since birth leaves his school for the deaf to attend mainstream high school, where he lands immediately at the bottom of the social hierarchy...until he uses his ability to lip-read to solve the murder of the school’s star quarterback.
Recommended for grades 8 & up

The Truth About Truman School
Butler, Dori Hillestad
A middle-school free-speech Web site turns into a tool for cyber-bullying.
Recommended for grades 5 & up

Just Listen
Dessen, Sarah
High school junior Annabel is ostracized by her classmates after being caught with her best friend’s boyfriend at a summer party.
Recommended for grades 9 & up

Garden, Nancy
When physical and emotional bullying becomes life-threatening, fifteen-year-old Gray is driven to commit murder.
Recommended for grades 8 & up

Jones, Patrick
Sixteen-year-old Bret is gifted in drama and music, which makes him an outcast in a school full of jocks.
Recommended for grades 9 & up

Korman, Gordon
Capricorn, 13, is homeschooled by his hippie grandmother Rain on a farm commune. When Rain is hospitalized, Capricorn attends the local junior high school where he is harassed.
Recommended for grades 6 & up

The Girls
Koss, Amy Goldman
Without explanation, Maya is suddenly shunned by the clique of five popular middle-school girls to which she belonged.
Recommended for grades 5 & up

The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl
Lyga, Barry
Fifteen-year-old “geek” Fanboy feels helpless as the target for school bullying until he teams up with a tough-talking fellow outcast.
Recommended for grades 9 & up

The Ruling Class
Pascal, Francine
In a wealthy Dallas suburban high school, the top clique in school harasses Twyla because she is poor.
Recommended for grades 9 & up

Pixley, Marcella Fleischman
Twelve-year-old Miriam—poetic, smart and quirky—is considered a freak by the popular girls at her middle school, and she eventually explodes in response to their bullying.
Recommended for grades 7 & up

The Body of Christopher Creed
Plum-Ucci, Carol
Christopher, the class freak and scapegoat, suddenly disappears without a trace. Soon fingers begin pointing, and several lives are changed forever.
Recommended for grades 8 & up

Preller, James
After watching from the sidelines as the school bully preys on the weak, Eric takes a stand. Will he become the bully’s next victim?
Recommended for grades 6 & up

Bad Apple
Ruby, Laura
A spiteful classmate spreads false rumors about Tola and her art teacher.
Recommended for grades 8 & up

Spinelli, Jerry
Stargirl wears a granny gown, strums a ukulele, and carries around a pet rat. At first, the students of Mica High are enchanted. Then they turn on her and Stargirl is suddenly shunned for everything that makes her different.
Recommended for grades 6 & up

Teen Nonfiction

Girls Against Girls: Why We Are Mean to Each Other and How We Can Change
Burton, Bonnie
YA 305.235 BUR
Learn the science behind girls’ bullying behavior and get tips for supporting each other instead of tearing each other down.
Recommended for grades 6 & up

Teen Cyberbullying Investigated: Where Do Your Rights End and Consequences Begin?
YA 302.3 JAC
Quotes from the transcripts of 50 actual court cases involving online teen harassment illustrate the real dangers and legal consequences of cyberbullying. Each chapter includes a list of Web sites for more information.
Recommended for grades 7 & up

Selections From the Adult Collection

It’s a Boy : Women Writers on Raising Sons
Buchanan, Andrea J.
306.874 ITS
Women share honest essays about the experience of mothering boys. Topics covered include aggression and parenting a teenage boy.

The Everything Parent’s Guide to Dealing With Bullies : From Playground Teasing to Cyberbullying, All You Need to Ensure Your Child’s Safety and Happiness
Carpenter, Deborah
649.154 CAR
Mocking. Name-calling. Physical aggression. Online humiliation and exclusion. These are all forms of bullying that can wreak havoc on your child's self-esteem, safety, and general happiness. Research from both the biological and social origins of bullying can help you inoculate your child against bullying.

Letters to a Bullied Girl : Messages of Healing and Hope
Gardner, Olivia
305.2 GAR
Olivia Gardner became the target of bullying in middle school, and her tormentors’ harassment escalated until she contemplated suicide. When Emily and Sarah Buder read about Olivia, they began a letter-writing campaign to offer Olivia support. Word spread and thousands of candid letters poured in from bullies, victims, bystanders, counselors and parents. This book includes a selection of those letters.

The Parents' Guide to Psychological First Aid: Helping Children and Adolescents Cope With Predictable Life Crises
Koocher, Gerald
649.1 KOO
Articles by recognized experts offer sage advice on a raft of everyday problems that have psychological solutions, including body image and physical appearance; cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol; overeating and obesity; dental visits; the birth of a sibling and sibling rivalries; temper tantrums; fostering self-esteem; shyness and social anxiety; and much more.

Odd Girl Out : The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls
Simmons, Rachel
302.5083 SIM
A social scientist explores why girls are more likely to use backbiting, exclusion, rumors, namecalling and psychological manipulation, as opposed to boys, who use more direct physical and verbal behavior to bully others.

Odd Girl Speaks Out : Girls Write About Bullies, Cliques, Popularity, and Jealousy
Simmons, Rachel
305.23 SIM
A collection of actual, personal poems, songs, confessions and essays of bullying, backstabbing and other nastiness that adolescent girls say they have suffered or perpetrated on other girls.