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Best 2010 Crime Fiction

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Started Early, Took My Dog
Atkinson, Kate.
While working on a case to find the biological parents of an adoptee, Detective Jackson Brody takes on more than she expects when rescuing both a stray dog and a child needing a home.

Red on Red
Conlon, Edward.
With the onslaught of new cases, Detectives Meehan and Esposito find their lives thrown into chaos. Written by the ex-cop Edward Conlon, this thriller reflects the often harsh life of the force.

Rogue Island
DeSilva, Bruce.
Journalist Liam Mulligan puts himself in jeopardy as he tries to prevent his hometown from going up in flames. Taking a beating by the Mob as he comes too close to the truth, Liam finds that town officials offer no help.

Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter
Franklin, Tom.
Two long–time friends, Silas and Larry become estranged when Larry comes under suspicion for the disappearance of a girl he dated with nothing to link him to the crime except the town’s prejudice. Twenty years later another girl’s disappearance once again puts Larry under the law’s spotlight, but now with Silas as the constable, will the truth be found?

Hayder, Mo.
What first appears as an accidental kidnapping of a young child during a carjacking turns more sinister when the kidnapper starts detailing what he intends to do to the child.

The Detroit Electric Scheme
Johnson, D. E.
In this coming of age story, heart-broken Will Anderson finds his ex-girlfriend’s fiancé, John Cooper, dead at his father’s Detroit Electric Car Factory. Feeling that he has been set up for the murder, he runs rather than face the police. His family’s livelihood is threatened, but Will must first clear his name in order to save the company.

The Ice Princess
Läckberg, Camilla.
Pressured to meet a publisher’s deadline for a book, Erica Falck decides to change her topic when a friend’s apparent suicide comes to light. Delving into the details of her friend’s death, she puts herself in danger when her investigation points to murder rather than suicide.

The Troubled Man
Mankell, Henning.
The older absent-minded detective Kurt Wallander forces his way in where he is not wanted when his son-in-law’s father goes missing. What he steps into, however, reeks of espionage, cover-ups and scandal.

The Snowman
Nesbø, Jo.
Several women go missing on the day of the first snowfall and are found dead next to snowmen. Haunted by an anonymous letter referring to the snowmen and the killer, Detective Harry Hole believes he is being taunted by the killer and wonders who is pursuing whom.

Painted Ladies
Parker, Robert B.
In this last PI Spencer novel, Spencer must protect Ashton Prince, the art historian, as Ashton tries to pay the ransom for a painting that has long ago been stolen. Things go awry as the package blows up, killing Ashton. Ashton’s death sparks an investigation which reveals a seedier side to the historian’s life as Spencer pursues the killers.

Bury Your Dead
Penny, Louise.
Inspector Gamache strives to find the killer of Augustin Renaud, whose life‘s work was to solve the mystery of the burial place of Samuel de Champlain. Too many coincidences lead him to wonder if he may have arrested an innocent man in an earlier case.

Mr. Peanut
Ross, Adam.
“Death by peanut” or so claims David, computer game designer and husband of dead Alice who is found with a peanut lodged in her throat. The police believe there is more to David than he lets on and David becomes the number one suspect.

The Black Minutes
Solares, Martin.
While investigating the death of journalist Bernardo Blanco, police officer Ramon Cabera finds a book Blanco was writing. Within the book are disturbing links to a twenty-year-old unsolved serial killing.

The Terrorist
Steiner, Peter.
Just because ex-CIA agent Louis Morgan is retired doesn’t mean he can take it easy now that he’s reached 70 years of age. The CIA coerces him into taking on another assignment when they take his friend’s son, Zaharia, as hostage until Morgan completes the assignment.

The Terror of Living
Waite, Urban.
Trying to come to terms with his own father’s drug-running past, Sheriff Bobby Drake encounters Phil Hunt and his partner in the middle of a drug exchange. Phil Hunt runs but soon finds that the smugglers are after him as well as the law.