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Beach Reads 2013

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Action-Packed Thrillers

Johansen, Iris.
Taking Eve
Deranged Doane will stop at nothing to find out how his son Kevin died. He kidnaps forensic sculptor Eve Duncan to have her recreate his son’s features on a skull he believes belongs to his son and threatens to kill Eve’s family if she does not.  Eve knows it is only a matter of time before he will kill her after she finishes the task.

Margolin, Phillip.
Sleight of Hand
Investigator Dana Cutler must find a way to prevent criminal lawyer and professional hit man, Charles Benedict from framing his own client, millionaire Horace Blair, for murder.

Mark, David John.
The Dark Winter
Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy starts seeing a pattern in crimes that have been plaguing his community, but his unit is not convinced that there is a connection. When the police department makes an arrest, McAvoy is sure that they have the wrong guy and he must strike out on his own to find the true killer.

Poyer, David.
The Whiteness of the Whale
Dr. Sara Pollard joins anti-whaling activists aboard the ship Anemone to help stop the carnage, yet it isn’t the whalers nor the arctic cold that put the activists in the most danger. A rogue whale apparently bent on revenge plagues the ship and is trying to sink it.

Piccirilli, Tom.  
The Last Whisper in the Dark
Going straight isn’t easy for Terry Rand who comes from a family of lawbreakers. The mob wants him dead and when Terry Rand tries to find out what happened to his friend Chub, his uncle tries to ensnare him into further criminal activity.

Raimondo, Lynne.
Dante’s Wood
Charlie Dickerson’s mother believes her mentally handicapped son was sexually abused, but after psychiatrist Mark Angelotti finds different reasons for Charlie’s pain, a murdered teacher is found pregnant with Charlie’s child. Can Mark prove Charlie didn’t kill her?

Heartfelt and Emotional Reads

Bradford, Barbara Taylor.
Secrets From the Past
While risking her life to save her former lover, Serena Stone uncovers some startling secrets about her parents’ marriage.

Gould, Leslie.
Courting Cate
Young Betsy Miller can’t get married until her older sister Cate is wed, but few men can handle her sister’s sharp tongue — that is until Peter Treger comes to town. But is he truly interested in Cate or is he using her to get to Betsy?

615.8 KLA
Klam, Julie.
Love At First Bark
These true stories show how rescuing troubled dogs can have a wonderful effect on your life.

Larkin, Allie.
Why Can’t I Be You
When Jenny Shaw is mistaken for Jessie, a woman whom she admires, she decides to impersonate her. Enjoying the new friends she has acquired, including a new romance; Jenny is unprepared for what she discovers in Jessie’s past.

Macomber, Debbie.
Love In Plain Sight
Girls at the office are acting as matchmaker between their grouchy boss Jonas Lockwood and his temporary assistant Stephanie, but they are unaware that there is already another woman at the office in love with him.

Mallery, Susan.
Just One Kiss
Teens Justice Garrett and Patience McGraw are becoming more than just close friends, but suddenly Justice mysteriously disappears. Years later after Patience has a child, Justice appears on the scene explaining that he has been in the witness protection program. Can Patience depend on him to stay or will he once again disappear?

Strayed, Cheryl.
After radio show host Teresa Rae Wood dies, her common-law husband Bruce and her children, Claire and Joshua, struggle to keep her memory alive. But each becomes isolated in grief just when they need one another the most.