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Beach Reads 2011

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Action-Packed Thrillers

Atkins, Ace.
The Ranger: A Quinn Colson Novel.
After a tour in Afghanistan, Army Ranger Quinn Colson returns to his childhood Mississippi home for his uncle’s funeral. Though his uncle’s death is ruled a suicide, Quinn feels something is not right and he ends up confronting white supremacists and meth dealers to find the answers.

Box, C. J.
Back of Beyond.
Struggling with sobriety, PI Cody Hoyt discovers from his AA sponsor’s death that an unknown killer is on the loose. Cody determines that the killer is one of several people on the same week-long Yellowstone trip on which he sent his son. Can he stop the killer before others die?

Hurwitz, Gregg.
You’re Next.
Mike Wingate is living the American dream when his life is turned on end after he has a run-in with the law. Someone recognizes him from a picture in a newspaper and soon thugs start harassing his family and the police will not help. Going back to a friend from his foster home days, Mike and his friend Shep search for the reasoning behind the strong-arm tactics.

Lawson, Mike.
House Divided: A Joe DeMarco Thriller.
When a National Security Agency wiretap reveals two Americans have been murdered by a rogue US military group, NSA brings in agent Joe to investigate. Joe is harassed by FBI agents and targeted by snipers as he struggles to find out why the two Americans were killed, one of whom was his cousin.

Lustbader, Eric Van.
Blood Trust.
Alli Carson, daughter of the late president, is accused of murder, leaving National Security Advisor Jack McClure to prove her innocence. In the process, he saves her from her mob-connected uncle, uncovering a white slavery ring and a conspiracy of international terrorism.

Parker, Robert B.
Dawn Lapota is found dead in actor Jumbo Nelson’s hotel room. Suspicious circumstances lead Boston Lieutenant Quirk to believe the actor isn’t the killer, so he brings in Private Investigator Spenser. Spenser teams up with Jumbo Nelson’s ex-bodyguard Zebulon Sixkill and together they infiltrate the movie studio scene to find the killer.

Terry, Mark.
The Valley of Shadows.
Derek Stillwater is assigned to a Homeland Security Team which has information that simultaneous attacks on five United States cities are about to occur. With only two days to thwart the attack, Derek and the Security Team must locate and disable the terrorist mastermind.

HeartFelt and Emotional Reads

Andrews, Mary Kay.
Summer Rental.
Three long-time best friends, Julia, Ellis, and Dorie, rent a beach house intending to spend a pleasurable month looking for romance, just having fun and reconnecting. But when a fourth roommate joins the mix, a smoldering heat develops that has nothing to do with the weather.

Cloyed, Deborah.
The Summer We Came to Life.
Normally, childhood friends Samantha, Mina, Kendra, Isabel and their families gather for an annual get-together. This past year, however, Mina passed away from cancer and the group mourns her loss. At this year’s gathering Samantha, who usually looks to Mina for advice, must reach out to the others and wonders if she will make the right marital decision.

Cook, Claire.
Best Staged Plans.
Sandy Sullivan is the go-to person for creating saleable homes from chaotic messes. When her best friend’s boyfriend hires Sandy to stage his hotel, Sandy has misgivings when she sees him philandering with another woman.

Harbison, Beth.
Always Something There to Remind Me.
After Nate Lawson, Erin’s first love, broke up with her, she managed to live contently for some twenty years. But when Rick, her current boyfriend, asks her to marry him, she becomes conflicted, for she still feels she loves Nate, who once again has appeared on the scene.

Holton, Cathy.
Summer in the South.
When writer Ava Drabrowski’s mother passes on, Ava is contacted by her old college friend, Will Fraser. He asks her to stay with his family in Woodburn for some rest and relaxation. Ava thinks this is her chance to churn out a new book, but with serious writer’s block, she decides to delve into the history of Woodburn. But Woodburn holds a few dark surprises which some say would be better left alone.

Jio, Sarah.
The Violets of March.
After being ditched by her husband, Emily Wilson tries to rebuild her life by getting out of New York City and heading to her Aunt Bee’s. While there, Emily discovers a lover’s story in an anonymous diary from the 1940’s. As Emily reads the diary she feels a connection with the writer as the writer’s life strongly resonates with her own.

Lynch, Sarah-Kate.
Dolci Di Love.
When Lily realizes her husband has a second secret family over in Italy, she impulsively flies over to the small Tuscan village of Montevedova. She finds a place to stay above a bakery which unbeknownst to her is owned by two elderly women whose main business is mending broken hearts.