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Beach Reads 2010

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Heartfelt and Emotional Reads

Ganek, Danielle.
The Summer We Read Gatsby.
Two half sisters, Peck and Cassie, struggle to get along as they try to figure out what “thing of value” was left to them by Aunt Lydia.

Harbison, Beth.
Thin, Rich, Pretty.
Lexi, the bratty rich girl, ridicules teenagers Nicola and Holly causing them to band together at camp and take revenge. Twenty years later Nicola and Holly, now in their thirties, encounter a new and very different Lexi. This reunion will leave all three changed in ways they never imagined.

Hilderbrand, Elin.
The Island.
Birdie convinces her daughters Chess and Tate to join her and her sister India for a month long escape to the Nantucket coast after Chess’s ex-fiancé dies in a rock climbing accident. Birdie discovers that India has her own secret troubles.

Kragman, Jill.
Arm Candy.
Forty-year-old Eden has a steamy affair with a much younger Chase whose family is part of the elite in New York. His family’s disdain for her is evident. Her relationship with Chase is further complicated when Eden’s first love shows up on the scene.

Pomerantz, Sharon.
Rich Boy.
With perseverance and the right connections, Robert Vishniak manages to leave his working class background behind him. He mingles with the elite of society and marries into a wealthy family, but his facade starts to crumble when he encounters Sally, a shoeshine girl from the old neighborhood.

Ross, Jennifer.
The Icing on the Cupcake.
Spice up your reads with this fun and easy read about Ansley, a woman who has to turn her life and her attitude around to survive after being dumped by her fiancé.

Shaffer, Louise.
Looking for a Love Story.
Three years after her success with her first book, Francesca finds her life in chaos when her husband leaves her. Frantic for work she is hired by ninetyyear- old Chicky to write her vaudeville parents’ history. Chicky’s memoirs are so intriguing and captivating that Francesca finds herself delving into her own family history.

Von Ziegesar, Cecily.
Cum Laude.
It’s off to Dexter College in this scintillating romp. Freshman Shipley looks to fellow male students, Tom and Nick, to help steer her way in this scary new environment which includes sex, drugs and a freaky roommate.

Action-Packed Thrillers

Cussler, Clive and Justin Scott.
The Spy.
This third installment of the Isaac Bell Adventures takes place just prior to World War I. Detective Bell finds that a spy has been killing the U.S. topsecret project-Hull 44 scientists and now with the completion of the newest U.S. battleship, Bell must prevent it from being sunk.

Eisler, Barry.
Inside Out.
This fast paced novel has Ben Tavern racing to retrieve stolen CIA tapes from rogue Agent Larison. Larison has blackmailed the government threatening to release these tapes to other countries which will reveal the sham of the war on terror.

Grant, Andrew.
Die Twice.
Commander MacIntyre has killed an operative of the Royal Navy Intelligence and is still at large. Operative Trevellyan is to take him down before MacIntyre sells a deadly canister of gas to terrorists or other parties.

Hewson, David.
City of Fear.
Detective Nic Costa is thwarted by the Italian Carabinieri as he attempts to find out who has abducted a Minister of the Interior official. Costa studies the evidence and finds a disturbing connection to the government.

Hinshelwood, Tom.
The Killer.
Professional killer Victor finds himself double-crossed by his client after a successful hit. Running from the CIA and the Russian Special Forces, Victor looks to lose them and track down his client.

Hurwitz, Gregg.
They’re Watching.
Patrick Davis starts receiving DVDs showing that someone has been recording him and his wife Ariana. Then e-mails arrive telling him to do certain things or “SHE WILL DIE.” “She” turns up dead and Patrick is being framed for the murder. This novel will take you for a wild roller coaster ride with unexpected twists and turns.

Lawson, Mike.
House Justice: A Joe DeMarco Thriller.
Some congressional leaders leak information to the press resulting in the death of a CIA agent in Tehran. Joe DeMarco, who is assigned to find the leakers, runs into one obstacle after another.

Patterson, Richard North.
In the Name of Honor.
This legal thriller will keep you riveted as Captain Paul Terry, Army lawyer, defends a young Lt. Brian McCarran who is accused of killing his commanding officer, Captain Joe D’Abruzzo. Lt. Brian McCarran claims it was self defense.